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Exporting/Saving Putty/SecureCRT/SecureFX sessions on Windows!!

Exporting/Saving Putty/SecureCRT/SecureFX sessions on Windows!!


Vivo esquecendo como salvar as SESSIONS do secure CRT abaixo o caminho =)


If you are using Putty on windows…
Putty actually does not have any config or ini file , it writes all the user created sessions in windows registry. You can find the sessions saved in putty at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\Sessions location. That’s it…we are almost done. Just export this key and save it to some location or external drive if you plan to move to some different windows box. Last thing you need to do is import this key to any other windows system where putty is running.

If you are using SecureFx/SecureCRT on Windows…
SecureCRT saves the user sessions information under windows user home directory. \AppData\Roaming\Van Dyke Technologies\SecureCRT\Config\sessions. You just need to copy the sessions folder and save it to some location. Just as a word of caution…, with Windows 7, Microsoft has changed the users home directory to C:\Users\. The same is c:\documents and settings\ in WindowsXP and prior versions.